Time Call Reason Action Location/Address
0007 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY 1189] WATER ST
0016 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P00150] STATE RD
0025 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY 1591] BARTLETT RD
0027 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY 4015] SAMOSET ST
0032 Directed Patrol Found Orderly STATE RD
0037 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01671] STATE RD
0042 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P04158] COMMERCE WAY
0052 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P00756] SAMOSET ST
0053 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02440] SOUTH MEADOW RD
0056 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01243] ALDEN ST
0057 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P04156] WATER ST
0103 Community Policing Activity Found Orderly [PLY P00073] ALGONQUIN TER
0106 Directed Patrol Found Orderly CORDAGE PARK CIR
0112 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY 3692] STATE RD
0113 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P00361] COURT ST
0116 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01253] LONG POND RD
0124 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02515] HERRING POND RD
0124 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY 433] FOREST AVE EXT
0132 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P03144] STATE RD
0132 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02423] COURT ST
0157 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P03075] COURT ST
0157 Building Check Found Orderly [PLY P02333] CARVER RD
0206 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY 1205] COMMERCE WAY
0208 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P02192] SOUTH ST
0228 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P03219] NOOK RD
0229 Directed Patrol Found Orderly COLONY PL
0233 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P04622] ARMSTRONG RD
0302 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02953] CHAPEL HILL DR
0305 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P04276] SANDWICH ST
0310 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02531] SAMOSET ST
0310 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02345] SAMOSET ST
0310 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY 1325] COMMERCE WAY
0311 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P04533] SAMOSET ST
0321 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01246] STATE RD
0334 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P00150] STATE RD
0437 Disabled MV Area Search Negative [PLY P03713] MAIN ST
0540 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY 4038] RYECROFT
0632 Community Policing Activity Found Orderly [PLY P00073] ALGONQUIN TER
0636 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02948] PLYMPTON RD
0811 General Services Services Rendered ELM ST
0825 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P04308] JORDAN RD
0828 Community Policing Activity Found Orderly [PLY P00073] ALGONQUIN TER
0842 Shuttle/Transport Services Rendered COURT ST
0848 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01575] LONG POND RD
0855 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01789] LONG POND RD
0920 B&E MV eport HARDING AVE
0926 Alarm Sounding Accidental [PLY P02852] COLONY PL
0933 Community Policing Activity Services Rendered [PLY P03885] PINEHILLS DR
0935 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01292] BOURNE RD
0949 Directed Patrol Found Orderly OASIS WAY
0953 Motor Vehicle Accident Report COMMERCE WAY + ROUTE 44
0953 Motor Vehicle Accident Merge: 24-4317 By: A83RJ COMMERCE WAY + ROUTE 44
0958 Directed Patrol Found Orderly HOLMAN RD
1008 Motor Vehicle Accident Report SMALAND LN + LITTLE SANDY POND RD
1010 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Area Search Negative LEYDEN ST
1020 Transfer Ambulance being Transfer Ambulance [PLY 1236] MAIN ST EXT
1038 Motor Vehicle Accident Report STANDISH RD + CHERRY ST
1101 Assist citizen Services Rendered [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
1101 General Services Services Rendered LITTLE SANDY POND RD
1107 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Services Rendered [PLY P03771] SHIP POND RD
1112 Motor Vehicle Acc- Leave Scene No Services Necessary [PLY P02333] CARVER RD
1116 911 Accidental Call Accidental SANDWICH ST
1225 Assist Other Agency Services Rendered SANDWICH ST + WINTER ST
1235 Directed Patrol Found Orderly CAMELOT DR
1243 Directed Patrol Found Orderly SHOPS AT 5 WAY
1249 911 Accidental Call Accidental AVALON WAY
1301 Community Policing Activity Services Rendered [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
1316 Assist Other Agency Unable to Serve BOURNEHURST DR
1344 Directed Patrol Found Orderly HOME DEPOT DR
1351 911 Accidental Call Accidental SHIP POND RD
1400 Vandalism Report [PLY 1082] COMMERCE WAY
1401 Abandoned Call No Services Necessary [PLY P04191] CORDAGE PARK CIR
1404 Assist citizen Services Rendered [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
1421 Assist citizen Assisted Party [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
1450 Motor Vehicle Accident Report [PLY P02929] LONG POND RD
1459 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Services Rendered DRUM DR
1504 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Services Rendered INDUSTRIAL PK RD
1520 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Spoken To [PLY P03600] SOUTH ST
1523 Alarm Sounding Accidental [PLY P02815] WARREN AVE
1524 Motor Vehicle Accident Report SOUTH ST + ROUTE 3
1545 Abandoned Vehicle Services Rendered GABLE LN
1622 Alarm Sounding No Services Necessary [PLY P00901] CARVER RD
1631 General Services Services Rendered TAYLOR AVE + MANOMET POINT RD
1634 Disabled MV Services Rendered CARVER RD
1645 General Services Services Rendered WINTER ST
1704 Motor Vehicle Accident Unfounded STATE RD
1705 Community Policing Activity Found Orderly [PLY P00073] ALGONQUIN TER
1736 Assist Other Agency Taken/Referred to Other Agency ROUTE 3
1829 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Gone on Arrival [PLY P01318] MAIN ST EXT
1843 Fraud Report DANFORTH LN
1914 911 Accidental Call Accidental EARLY RED CIR
1942 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Transported to Hospital [PLY 2963] BROOK RD
2026 911 Accidental Call Accidental SOUTH PARK AVE
2031 Motor Vehicle Acc- Leave Scene Report FEDERAL FURNACE RD + SOUTH MEADOW RD
2051 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY 3610] WATER ST
2114 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P04610] COLONY PL
2141 911 Accidental Call Accidental [PLY P04170] SANDWICH ST
2158 Community Policing Activity Found Orderly [PLY P00073] ALGONQUIN TER
2221 Directed Patrol Found Orderly PRISCILLA BEACH RD
2256 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Transported to Hospital FAIRVIEW LN
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