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Your opinions are an important part of the Plymouth Independent. We welcome your letters and commentaries. All we ask is that you follow some commonsense guidelines.

For starters, we need to know who you are. Any submission must include the author’s full name, an email address, and a phone number (for verification purposes only). If you’re writing as a representative of a group or organization, please state that. Standing behind your opinion gives it heft and credibility. You can even share links to pertinent sources if it helps make a point or bolster your position.

But while we encourage a robust exchange of ideas, we don’t have the resources to fact-check letters and essays filled with speculative statements and assertions that venture beyond the realm of opinion. We also won’t accept political endorsements, local or otherwise. Anything that even hints of discrimination or hate will be rejected outright. Good taste is a good thing. Brevity is an asset – getting right to the point saves us from cutting your copy, and helps to ensure that people will read what you have to say.

Put simply, we’ll show as much latitude as possible, but we reserve the right to not publish any submission that doesn’t meet those modest standards.

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Plimoth General Store.

There needs to be room for everyone downtown

I want to first say a big thank you for a really good local paper! I am often in Plymouth, and I am enjoying reading local news again – finally! I’d like to comment on Tatum Stewart’s vision for downtown Plymouth (Mark Pothier’s piece in 12/3/23). So far in Plymouth, there’s pretty much room for everyone to enjoy themselves, whatever their budget. But what seems to be Tatum Stewart’s vision is one I’m worried about: new high-priced housing, boomers and young professionals  (“the people are young,…

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Upcoming vote on nip ban demands more attention

We hope that the Independent will cover the special referendum on banning nips that will occur in Plymouth on January 13, 2023. In October the Plymouth Town Representatives voted to ban Nips effective next July. A petition was organized by…

Column brought notable Plymouth buildings to life

On this quiet and pleasant Holiday weekend Sunday morning I read Bill Fornaciari’s (History & Architecture) piece in the Plymouth Independent. Captivating. Your engaging writing style brought the buildings to life in a manner that a quick drive by or…