“Who really cares about a town election?” was a very good and thorough look at all the reasons behind this ongoing issue. I would add to [Select Board member] Kevin Canty’s [comment] that no one takes pride in their country, their hometown, their state, etc., anymore. The lack of patriotism, is, I believe, one of the reasons voting is of little interest. Residents are also woefully uninformed, and not necessarily because they choose to be. We have banners and light up signs announcing beer gardens and waterfront construction, but what about spending a few dimes on advertising our local voting days and Town Meeting caucuses? I met with our town manager early on in his days here and implored him to get information out to folks. Maybe the information czar the town is hiring will help.

How about a postcard in the mail once a year to let residents know who their precinct representatives are and what they do (or should be doing for their constituents)? [From] how to contact them and communicate ideas, concerns, applause, to a forum who can actually do something, not [Facebook page] All Things Plymouth’s complaint board where things go absolutely nowhere.

 If you went out on the street during any busy day on the waterfront and asked residents how our town government works, I bet you would get a lot of embarrassed, clueless stares.

Thank you for the article. it’s disheartening, but something I know other towns struggle with, too.

 Kate Sekerak

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