There is so much hatred toward the homeless immigrants being housed in and around Plymouth and volumes of misinformation being generated, that an article exploring the truth, especially about what’s being spent and by whom, would be exceedingly useful. So many people blame the Democrats and feel that social services are being denied to Americans because “all the money is going to illegals.”

It would be interesting “to walk in the shoes” of some of the people living in these hotels and interview them about what their day to day lives are like to disabuse people of the notion that they’re living “in luxury with free rooms, catered meals from fancy restaurants and expensive cars to drive to good jobs appropriated to them by the nanny government.” I feel very defeated sparring with these callous, misguided people on Facebook. I understand you can’t take a political stance on this issue, but you could report what you see and hear, and research the real numbers spent, and which accounts they come from. Also, comparing what is spent on local resources for the “legal” homeless would be enlightening.

Janet Serman

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