2039 Assist Other Agency Arrest(s) Made
Location/Address: [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
Refer To Arrest: 24PLY-7367-AR
Age: 26
Time Call Reason Action Location/Address
0001 Vandalism Report COURT ST
0018 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P04308] JORDAN RD
0025 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P03169] PURCHASE ST
0025 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P04679] COURT ST
0031 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P03177] CANTOR CT
0040 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01169] PLEASANT ST
0046 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01246] STATE RD
0050 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P03922] STATE RD
0052 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01292] BOURNE RD
0055 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P03851] SOUTH MEADOW RD
0101 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P00139] STATE RD
0114 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY 451] COURT ST
0116 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01303] COURT ST
0118 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01276] INDUSTRIAL PK RD
0120 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01886] STATE RD
0122 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P04596] LONG POND RD
0129 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02751] HEDGES POND RD
0135 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P02721] BOURNE RD
0137 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY 3610] WATER ST
0140 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P04508] WAREHAM RD
0142 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P03484] STATE RD
0144 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P00359] HALFWAY POND RD
0156 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02953] CHAPEL HILL DR
0201 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P03260] SAMOSET ST
0233 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P03398] COMMERCE WAY
0250 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P02333] CARVER RD
0302 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01575] LONG POND RD
0326 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01702] PILGRIM HILL RD
0359 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P04143] SOUTH MEADOW RD
0621 Found Property Report [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
0639 Disturbance General Gone on Arrival [PLY P02689] WATER ST
0821 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY 4011] HAYDEN RIDGE
0906 Community Policing Activity Found Orderly [PLY P00073] ALGONQUIN TER
0922 Community Policing Activity Services Rendered [PLY P01292] BOURNE RD
0931 Directed Patrol Building Checked/Secured PLEASANT ST
0933 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01246] STATE RD
0933 Disabled MV Vehicle Towed ROUTE 44 + COMMERCE WAY
0934 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01575] LONG POND RD
0941 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Report [PLY P00058] STATE RD
1023 911 Accidental Call Accidental [PLY 3880] LONG POND RD
1025 Found Property Report [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
1036 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01247] MANOMET POINT RD
1054 Transport Prisoner Transported [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
1100 Directed Patrol Building Checked/Secured SOUTH RUSSELL ST
1100 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Spoken To [PLY P02610] SAMOSET ST
1110 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY 1229] BILLINGTON ST
1121 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Spoken To COURT ST
1126 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY 1189] WATER ST
1157 Fraud Report [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
1210 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01498] OBERY ST
1227 Motor Vehicle Stop Vehicle Towed [PLY 1945] ROCKY HILL RD
1239 Abandoned Call Accidental [PLY P04170] SANDWICH ST
1253 Vandalism Services Rendered [PLY P01245] STANDISH AVE
1300 911 Accidental Call Accidental [PLY P02136] COURT ST
1318 Fraud Report [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
1410 Assist citizen Report [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
1420 Motor Vehicle Acc- Leave Scene Report BRAUNECKER RD
1424 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P04280] CEDARHILL PARK DR
1427 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Transported to Hospital FAWN DR
1502 Transport Prisoner Transported [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
1522 Traffic Control No Services Necessary STANDISH AVE + SAMOSET ST
1524 Motor Vehicle Accident Info Exchange SAMOSET ST + NORTH TRIANGLE DR
1602 Property Damage Report RUSSELL ST
1606 Motor Vehicle Stop Spoken To ROUTE 3
1608 911 Accidental Call Accidental WATERCOURSE PL
1616 Alarm Sounding Accidental [PLY 4010] SOUTH MEADOW RD
1621 Disturbance General Spoken To STATE RD
1634 Threats Report JOCELYN AVE
1636 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Report INDUSTRIAL PK RD
1725 Community Policing Activity Found Orderly [PLY P00073] ALGONQUIN TER
1727 911 Accidental Call Accidental [PLY P00073] ALGONQUIN TER
1737 Parking Complaint Services Rendered MAGONI TER
1739 Building Check s Building Checked/Secured SAMOSET ST
1744 911 Accidental Call Accidental MAIN ST
1749 Suspicious Activity Assisted Party CARVER RD + SEVEN HILLS RD
1758 Alarm Sounding Accidental [PLY P03891] COURT ST
1801 Assist citizen Assisted Party SAVERY AVE
1945 Motor Vehicle Accident Report SYMINGTON DR
1947 Motor Vehicle Accident Merge: 24-7364 By: A63CB SYMINGTON DR
2002 Harassment Gone on Arrival [PLY P02355] SHOPS AT 5 WAY
2009 Suspicious Activity Spoken To CENTER HILL RD
2104 Suspicious Activity Report STATE RD
2104 Alarm Sounding Accidental [PLY P00937] COMMERCE WAY
2108 Alarm Sounding Accidental COMMERCE WAY
2125 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY 1346] PRISCILLA BEACH RD
2215 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Spoken To WINTHROP RD
2341 Alarm Sounding Accidental [PLY 813] RESNIK RD
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