Time Call Reason Action Location/Address
0012 Suspicious Activity Unfounded VILLAGE GREEN SOUTH
0017 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Transported to Hospital [PLY 451] COURT ST
0041 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01234] LONG POND RD
0046 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P03475] CORDAGE PARK CIR
0111 Directed Patrol Found Orderly PRESTIGE WAY
0137 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01253] LONG POND RD
0137 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P03528] SOUTH MEADOW RD
0155 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02333] CARVER RD
0212 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P02219] STATE RD
0213 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P00150] STATE RD
0231 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01247] MANOMET POINT RD
0231 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02587] SAMOSET ST
0240 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01169] PLEASANT ST
0240 Disabled MV Vehicle Towed SENECA LN + SAMOSET ST
0243 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P04276] SANDWICH ST
0245 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02753] ALDRIN RD
0258 Directed Patrol Found Orderly TOWN WHARF
0300 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P03075] COURT ST
0303 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P03491] STATE RD
0336 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P02035] STATE RD
0339 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01616] SAMOSET ST
0415 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P04308] JORDAN RD
0420 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P03448] LONG POND RD
0429 Building Check Found Orderly [PLY 811] STATE RD
0553 Community Policing Activity Found Orderly [PLY P00073] ALGONQUIN TER
0559 911 Accidental Call Accidental WELLINGTON RD
0617 Directed Patrol Found Orderly TAYLOR AVE
0629 Alarm Sounding Accidental LONG DUCK POND RD
0632 Shuttle/Transport Transported [PLY 1618] JANEBAR CIR
0654 Fraud Services Rendered SAMOSET ST
0803 Disabled MV Assisted Party [PLY P01498] OBERY ST
0814 Community Policing Activity Found Orderly [PLY P00073] ALGONQUIN TER
0835 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Transported to Hospital [PLY P00058] STATE RD
0909 General Services General Services Rendered [PLY 1462] TIDE VIEW PATH
0929 Suspicious Activity Gone on Arrival KARA’S WAY
1002 Search Warrant Report [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
1010 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01253] LONG POND RD
1024 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01244] FEDERAL FURNACE RD
1032 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01498] OBERY ST
1046 Suspicious Activity Spoken To [PLY P02403] INDUSTRIAL PK RD
1151 911 Accidental Call Accidental [PLY P04170] SANDWICH ST
1159 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Services Rendered [PLY 1087] GREENVIEW DR
1200 Abandoned Call Area Search Negative [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
1210 Assist Other Agency Spoken To PLEASANT HARBOUR RD
1219 General Services Services Rendered FRANKLIN ST
1222 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Services Rendered [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
1315 Community Policing Activity Found Orderly [PLY P00073] ALGONQUIN TER
1332 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Transported to Hospital WHITE CLIFFS DR
1339 Abandoned Call Unfounded [PLY P03844] FEDERAL FURNACE RD
1340 Transfer Other Agency Taken/Referred to Other Agency [PLY P03844] FEDERAL FURNACE RD
1423 Fraud Report ROOK’S RUN
1424 Transport Prisoner Transported [PLY P01910] OBERY ST
1431 Transport Prisoner Transported [PLY P01910] OBERY ST
1443 Drug Disposal Report [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
1445 911 Accidental Call Accidental HOLMAN RD
1446 Larceny Services Rendered [PLY P02312] COLONY PL
1448 Abandoned Call Accidental [PLY P04191] CORDAGE PARK CIR
1452 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Spoken To LONG POND RD
1502 911 Accidental Call Accidental [PLY P01572] OBERY ST
1503 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Transported to Hospital PLAZA WAY
1525 Disturbance General No Services Necessary [PLY P02317] COLONY PL
1527 Building Check Building Checked/Secured WATER ST
1535 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Report [PLY P02792] CARVER RD
1556 Fraud Report [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
1610 Harassment Services Rendered [PLY 2412] PLEASANT ST
1613 Directed Patrol No Services Necessary HOWLAND ST
1639 Fraud Report INDIAN AVE
1652 Property Damage Report LOWER ELBOW POND LN
1658 Community Policing Activity Found Orderly [PLY P00073] ALGONQUIN TER
1720 Keep the Peace Spoken To WOODSONG
1736 Motor Vehicle Complaint Services Rendered CHAPEL HILL DR
1746 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Taken/Referred to Other Agency ROUTE 3
1756 Motor Vehicle Accident Taken/Referred to Other Agency BOURNE RD
1807 911 Accidental Call Accidental BEAVER DAM RD
1811 Suspicious Activity Report [PLY P04596] LONG POND RD
1825 Harassment Spoken To [PLY P00879] SAMOSET ST
1832 Harassment Report [PLY P03831] MAIN ST
1836 Transfer Other Agency Taken/Referred to Other Agency COURT ST + SAMOSET ST
1839 Civil Complaint Spoken To [PLY 801] LORING BLVD
1849 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P02333] CARVER RD
1951 Disabled MV Assisted Party BEAVER DAM RD
2109 Transport Prisoner Transported [PLY P02895] LONG POND RD
2129 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P04622] ARMSTRONG RD
2130 Alarm Sounding Accidental [PLY 3726] SUNFLOWER WAY
2132 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Spoken To FREMONT ST
2142 Abandoned Call Unfounded SOUTH ST
2155 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P04622] ARMSTRONG RD
2231 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY 1189] WATER ST
2319 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Transported to Hospital [PLY P04183] MAIN ST
2335 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY 1325] COMMERCE WAY
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