Time Call Reason Action Location/Address
0014 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY 3610] WATER ST
0026 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P03261] PURCHASE ST
0032 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P02766] SEVEN HILLS RD
0038 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01234] LONG POND RD
0041 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P00287] GREENSIDE WAY S
0045 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01332] SOUTH MEADOW RD
0046 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01963] SOUTH MEADOW RD
0047 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01243] ALDEN ST
0055 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Gone on Arrival [PLY P04448] SAMOSET ST
0056 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01487] RAYMOND RD
0100 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY 3641] GREENSIDE WAY NORTH
0104 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P00937] COMMERCE WAY
0105 Directed Patrol Found Orderly STATE RD
0106 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01169] PLEASANT ST
0110 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P03619] SAMOSET ST
0113 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01616] SAMOSET ST
0114 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01886] STATE RD
0115 Directed Patrol Found Orderly TAYLOR AVE + WHITE HORSE RD
0133 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01702] PILGRIM HILL RD
0136 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY 1569] PILGRIM HILL RD
0137 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02896] STATE RD
0149 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01253] LONG POND RD
0153 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P03144] STATE RD
0159 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P04158] COMMERCE WAY
0202 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P04533] SAMOSET ST
0203 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02924] COMMERCE WAY
0212 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02960] RT 3A
0215 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01292] BOURNE RD
0222 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02751] CAMELOT DR
0235 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02345] SAMOSET ST
0243 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P04308] JORDAN RD
0305 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P03219] NOOK RD
0309 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P02035] STATE RD
0332 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01690] STATE RD
0520 General Services Services Rendered [PLY P01488] LONG POND RD
0553 Traffic Control Found Orderly TAYLOR AVE
0604 911 Accidental Call Accidental DAVIS ST
0609 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01575] LONG POND RD
0617 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01789] LONG POND RD
0621 Community Policing Activity Found Orderly [PLY P00073] ALGONQUIN TER
0634 Directed Patrol Found Orderly MANOMET POINT RD + TAYLOR AVE
0806 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Services Rendered BOG VIEW RD
0829 911 Accidental Call Accidental [PLY P02871] SOUTH ST
0839 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01975] SAMOSET ST
0855 Transport Prisoner Transported [PLY P01910] OBERY ST
0858 Shuttle/Transport Transported [PLY 2003] COURT ST
0859 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P00073] ALGONQUIN TER
0916 Transport Prisoner Transported [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
0953 Directed Patrol Found Orderly PLAZA WAY
1000 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02539] COLONY PL
1015 Missing Property Report GREENER PASTURES LN
1043 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P04679] COURT ST
1048 Disabled MV Vehicle Towed COMMERCE WAY + CHERRY ST
1058 Disabled MV Vehicle Towed CARVER RD + SAMOSET ST
1103 Motor Vehicle Accident Vehicle Towed HOME DEPOT DR + LONG POND RD
1107 Drug Disposal Report [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
1153 Unwanted Guest Transported to Hospital [PLY 1574] SAMOSET ST
1204 Disturbance General Spoken To [PLY P00728] WARREN AVE
1213 Alarm Sounding Accidental [PLY P00937] COMMERCE WAY
1225 911 Accidental Call Accidental [PLY P04170] SANDWICH ST
1243 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY 1651] LONG POND RD
1246 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Transported to Hospital ARMSTRONG RD
1309 Fraud Report SUNFLOWER WAY
1313 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01169] PLEASANT ST
1314 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01245] STANDISH AVE
1324 Motor Vehicle Accident Report LONG POND RD
1411 Abandoned Call Accidental NICKERSON ST
1440 Transport Prisoner Transported [PLY P01910] OBERY ST
1443 Assist citizen Assisted Party [PLY P02203] LONG POND RD
1501 Abandoned Call No Services Necessary [PLY P04170] SANDWICH ST
1505 Suspicious Activity Area Search Negative [PLY 4015] SAMOSET ST
1505 Larceny Spoken To [PLY P02473] COLONY PL
1519 Suspicious Activity Report FEDERAL FURNACE RD
1537 911 Accidental Call Accidental [PLY P04170] SANDWICH ST
1620 Disturbance General Services Rendered [PLY P04278] COURT ST
1627 Motor Vehicle Accident Report [PLY P02271] COMMERCE WAY
1641 Larceny Report [PLY P02312] COLONY PL
1741 911 Accidental Call Accidental [PLY P02312] COLONY PL
1755 Traffic Control Found Orderly TAYLOR AVE
1804 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Area Search Negative SAMOSET ST + ROUTE 3
1808 Traffic Control No Services Necessary TAYLOR AVE
1908 Motor Vehicle Complaint Spoken To BEAVER DAM RD + STATE RD
2036 Motor Vehicle Complaint Gone on Arrival SANSOME ST
2157 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Transported to Hospital [PLY 451] COURT ST
2213 Community Policing Activity Found Orderly [PLY P00073] ALGONQUIN TER
2216 Assist Other Agency Services Rendered [PLY P03075] COURT ST
2355 Alarm Sounding Cancelled Response SHALLOW POND LN
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