Thank you for Porter Hoagland’s excellent article describing Plymouth’s challenges in preparing for the impacts of a warming climate.  

One paragraph deserves clarification:  While 49 percent of the electricity supplied by Plymouth’s power utility, Eversource, does come from natural gas, the Town of Plymouth offers residents and businesses 100 percent clean electricity at a lower cost through its Community Choice Power Supply Program.  

Plymouth residents can choose their electricity supplier. The state maintains a convenient website that compares different suppliers’ prices. Some suppliers offer lower initial rates that increase after an introductory period. Some charge a cancellation fee for switching suppliers before the end of their contact. To sign up for Community Choice Power, click the Town of Plymouth logo on the Energy Switch website and follow the prompts or call (866) 485-5858 ext.1.

The town’s clean power currently comes from wind farms in other states.  Perhaps in the future, we’ll buy clean energy from Massachusetts’ own offshore wind turbines. Community Choice Power offers lower prices than Eversource and it’s 100 percent clean – a winning combination.

Linda Lancaster
Group Lead, South Shore & Cape Chapter
Citizens Climate Lobby

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