Plymouth North High School’s DECA Program recently had 73 students compete in the MA DECA State Career Development Conference held in Boston. The students competed in a variety of role play events on topics ranging from restaurant and food service management to accounting and marketing for various industries. We also had 15 projects created and presented in the areas of Business Growth Plan, Business Solutions, Community Awareness, Community Giving, Financial Consulting and Literacy, Hospitality and Tourism Operations and Professional Selling, Innovation Plan, Integrated Marketing Campaign Event, Product and Service, Professional Selling, School-Based Enterprise, and Start-Up Business Plan.

Plymouth North had a very successful conference, with 15 students qualifying to compete in the DECA International Career Development Conference being held in April in Anaheim, California. William Anstatt and Bernie Bachman, Class of 2024, qualified for their CyberFense Start-Up Business Plan Project. Serena Ball and Elise Majka, Class of 2024, qualified for their Climate Hero Innovation Plan Project. Kelsey Davis, Class of 2024, qualified in Food Marketing. Gabrielle Lopes and Nicole Ryttel, Class of 2024, qualified for their BUDget Financial Literacy Project. Jenna Rioux, Class of 2024, qualified for their Grieving Out Loud Community Awareness Project. Brian Russell and Eliza Terman, Class of 2024, qualified for their School-Based Enterprise Project. Jocelyn Melleby, Class of 2025, qualified in Apparel and Accessories Marketing. Katherine Anderson, Class of 2026, qualified in Restaurant and Food Service Management. Olivia Cleland, Class of 2026, qualified in Retail Merchandising. Emma Connors, Class of 2027, qualified in Principles of Business Management and Administration. Abigail Toledo, Class of 2027, qualified in Principles of Hospitality and Tourism.

Plymouth North also received four ICDC leadership academy spots for obtaining chapter and membership campaigns. Plymouth North had 10 other students who placed in the top 10-12 for their categories earning medallions for the conference. Jenna Rioux was recognized for her performance in the Virtual Business Fashion Competition. Plymouth North also competed in the Quiz Bowl competition for the first time.

The International Career Development Conference qualifiers were based upon winners in sections instead of overall scores. The top qualifiers for each judge became the six State Champions in each category who move on to ICDC in Anaheim next month.

Jennifer Figlioli

Figlioli is a Plymouth North High School marketing education teacher.

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