A.D. Makepeace announced Friday it will create a tiny forest, called a Miyawaki, at the entrance of the Redbrook development in South Plymouth.

The company, working with a group of Redbrook residents called Sustainable Redbrook, said it will create an organic, dense, and diverse forest made up of 350 native trees and shrubs.

Makepeace said the Miyawaki forest, named after a Japanese botanist, is designed to increase biodiversity, cooling, and carbon sequestration — that is, the removal and storage of carbon dioxide to reduce global climate change. 

This will be the first such tiny forest in Southeastern Massachusetts, the company said, though have already been planted in communities around Massachusetts.

Work on the 2,000-square-foot space at the entrance of Redbrook on River Run Way, is expected to begin soon, according to the company.

The forest will start small but because of the design, which simulates layers of a natural forest, will grow quickly, Makepeace said.

Credit: (Courtesy of SUGi)

Sustainable Redbrook identified the site as an ideal location to showcase the project, the company’s press release said.  The group will continue to be involved with maintenance and development of the forest.

“Something that Redbrook residents have in common is a sophisticated understanding of environmental issues and concern for the planet,” said Dan Gorczyca, project executive for Redbrook. “This will be a great opportunity for all of us to watch the forest grow and be part of its success.”

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