Plymouth celebrated the Fourth of July on Thursday with its usual array of festive events – from an early morning road race to the hometown parade (including the state champion Plymouth North baseball team) to the Plymouth Philharmonic and fireworks on the harbor. The air was thick and the skies threatening at times, but other than a few drops of rain, the weather cooperated.

The parade crowds appeared slightly thinner this year – and the politics amped up – but aside from the usual complaints about too much time between floats and marchers, a good time seemed to be had by most.

And based on the social media reviews – always a reliable source of unfiltered emotional responses –  this year’s fireworks display received a higher grade than those of recent years.

Photographer Jim Curran made the rounds all day long. Here’s a sampling of the scenes he captured, starting with the 7:30 a.m. 5k road race and ending with bursts of color cascading over the harbor at night.

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