I have been a resident of Plymouth, specifically Summer Reach, since June 2019. Several weeks after arrival we went shopping for furniture and were referred to the Plymouth Furniture store in North Plymouth. Several months later, I was referred to Three Broke Girls in North Plymouth for my haircuts. When Covid struck and shut down many establishments we thrived on takeouts of spaghetti carbonara from Tuscany Tavern in North Plymouth. And then there was the experience with Balboni’s drug store. For over 80 years, this family-run pharmacy has provided unmatched customer service with the availability of items not provided by the big store pharmacies. Lest I forget the presence of a local hardware store in Charlie’s, where you can get so much more than hardware.

You may wonder why so many accolades for establishments in North Plymouth. Because they are good, nearby, accessible, and owned by locals who have a vested interest in this community. I love shopping and dining and thinking about North Plymouth, and each time I go there I learn another piece of history, including the Sacco and Vanzetti debacle.

Now to the point of this letter:

Each time I go to North Plymouth and park along Court Street, I fear for my life. The speed of the vehicles is alarming and scary. The total disregard for people discharging from cars is frightening. A gem of a community like North Plymouth is a major asset for Plymouth and this region. The preservation of history rather than the replacement of history ought to be our goal as a community, people, and nation.

I propose a review of policies and procedures to make North Plymouth a treasure to be preserved and hold as our highest priority mitigating the traffic and enhancing its presence and accessibility.  

Charles Terranova

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