Yes, “it is out of control” as Harry Helm, of the Plymouth Select Board, was quoted in regard to the town moderator representing a client before a town committee. 

Yes, it is out of control that the select board would deny any individual the right to choose legal representation, especially in a town where officials are so beholden to special interests. It is difficult to find legal representation with the rigor and fortitude to represent a client whose advocacy has not been advantageous to those special interests.

Because the volunteer position of town moderator receives a stipend, the moderator is considered a town employee. In the past, the town moderator has been designated a “special municipal employee.” The Select Board denied “special municipal employee” status to our present town moderator. This eliminates a worthy legal resource for any individual seeking counsel before town boards.

The vote of the select board is yet another demonstration of what happens in Plymouth when you dare to have an opposing position. It weakens confidence in government. It discourages good candidates from running. “It is out of control.”

Patricia Adelmann

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