I read the four responses to “why such a low voter turnout?” After thinking on what most people said were the reasons for such apathy, it struck me that these responses summed up exactly what’s wrong with our town and on a broader scope, our entire country. All but one person basically said the candidates, or the town, need to do more to either; help us vote, remind us to vote or better inform us on the positions/issues.

Well, that says it all. We’ve become a population of people who expect all things to be made easy for us. God forbid someone take responsibility for their own actions or lack thereof. Instead of making excuses and blaming others for a lack of dedication, determination and commitment, it’s easier to simply say we need to be reminded, we’re too busy, or it needs to be hand-delivered to us. We’re all busy, but that doesn’t exempt us from participating in what is a remarkable right we’re lucky enough to enjoy.

Today it’s easier than ever to stay informed and vote. The information is readily available, but you have to make the time read it. And, actually voting couldn’t be any easier, but again it falls on the individual to request a ballot or plan accordingly to vote in person. I live a fairly busy life and there could always be a reason to not vote. I’d like to say I’ve never missed an election in my adult life, but that’s not the case. There were a few, either due to illness or last-minute travel prior to the days of mail-in ballots, etc.

It’s hard to listen to residents complain about the town or the country when most of the complainers are the ones sitting at home on election day. Unfortunately, the younger generation seems to have developed a sense of unwillingness to take an active role in its and their children’s future.

Having just celebrated Memorial Day and reflecting on what it stands for, it comes to mind nothing was made easy for the men and women who lost their lives for us. The next time you think voting is too difficult, I’m too busy, or its someone else’s responsibility, just be thankful the generations before us didn’t feel that way, as we would not enjoy the rights and freedoms we have today.

At the next election, put down your gaming console, lick the Cheetos dust off your fingers, get out of your parents’ basement and on your way to or from work… Vote!

Rick Vayo

Vayo is president and owner of the development firm Megryco Inc.

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