I’m sure you have to tread lightly, but that article [on Select Board Member Kevin Canty] and topic exemplifies what can go wrong and so easily sideways with people and politicians. 

I imagine you could write an expanded article on a number of topics or angles. 

1. Government transparency.

2. What appears to just be an outdated or poorly written law.  

3. Is it OK for the government to pick and choose who they will target for such laws?

4. Spirit of the law vs. letter of the law.

5. People who try to hide behind the letter of the law when no one else would and they double down rather than back off.

6. The whole issue suggests more about Canty than [Fred] Thys. 

7. Why was it brought up in the manner it was? Why not just remind everyone during the recorded meeting?

8. The ludicrousness of making this an issue about a meeting broadcast on TV.

9. The disturbing way public officials can treat the public suggests and hints at the hidden threads of tyrannical thoughts and behavior than it does anything else.  

10. This law needs to be reevaluated and rewritten. Public meetings need to simple be recordable.  Period. 

David Bunda

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