My name is Beth Gragg, and I’m running for Town Meeting member representing Precinct 7 on May 18. I’m running because I see the pressure that Plymouth faces as it grows and raises revenues for much-needed services while at the same time maintaining the natural and historical appeal that attract people to our town. I would like to be part of the decision-making that helps shape how we respond to those pressures.

The decommissioning of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station and the future of that very valuable parcel of land is an example of those pressures. I understand the power station site has potential as a much-needed revenue source and it sits on a place of great natural beauty, and I would work to explore solutions that balance economic interests while preserving the beauty of the site.

I would also work to get more (and younger) people involved in government – by voting, organizing, or running for office. Participating in government is important, and Plymouth has many opportunities for people to get involved, which is one of the best ways to help shape the decisions affecting our community.

I believe that the role of a Town Meeting member is to listen to fellow residents and effectively represent their views. For everyone in Precinct 7, I’d appreciate your vote and look forward to listening to your views and representing them as well as I can.

Beth Gragg

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