When Article 16C: Affordable housing – Cranberry Commons at Redbrook comes before Town Meeting this Saturday, April 6, Town Meeting should enthusiastically vote to support this project.

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding this project – much of it due to the fact that so many things have changed since the original proposal. The Grantham Group and its partners have spoken with the residents of Redbrook and the residents of Plymouth and taken their concerns into consideration. Since the original proposal, it has moved the location of the building, flipped the orientation of the building, added additional parking, removed street parking, and added 10 additional units of affordable housing to this project and to its overall commitment to the Town of Plymouth.

In addition to listening to the concerns of residents, this project will include 30 units for people making 60 percent or less of the average median income and 13 units for people making 30 percent or less of the average median income. This will amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings per year to Plymouth residents who are struggling to pay their bills and stay in our community.

Normally, affordable housing is set for people who make 80 percent or less of the average median income, and many of those units are not truly affordable. This will create real affordable housing in Plymouth to allow our seniors to continue to live in the community that they call home. I urge all Town Meeting Members to vote yes on Article 16C.

Brian Dunn

Dunn is a member of the Plymouth Advisory & Finance Committee.

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