The movie club is open to anybody at Plymouth North no matter their grade or taste in movies. This unique club has no prerequisites and does not require much work outside of meetings, their only homework is to watch movies.

“We do a different movie or movies every week,” said club advisor Evan McNamara. “So if something speaks to you great, and if not you’re more than welcome to skip it.” 

Although this club is not new this year, McNamara would love more people to join him during the meetings. The monthly meetings do not require you to bring anything, except your eagerness to discuss movies. 

“We go from person-to-person and give individual thoughts on it, however long that can take, and then there’s a screen we pull up with a bunch of movie award categories,” said club member Kaia Case. “We discuss cinematography, set design, character design, acting, casting, lighting, all that stuff, and we chose one or two categories we think the movie did best at and whatever the movie did worst at.”

The laid back atmosphere of the club is what current members would like to let prospective members know about.  It is a stress free environment where members feel free to express their own opinions with friends and acquaintances about movies. 

“It’s a place where you can be more expressive about your interests, like a class is cool. I’m in a film and fiction class right now and I like it a lot, but it’s a class,” said club member Sebastian Demerjian. “A club is more somewhere where you can take charge and speak about things you’re interested in.” 

The club has a small enrollment at the moment, but current members greatly encourage students and teachers to join. The members’ passions for watching and discussing movies resonate with one another, and it is a great place to make friends. 

“It’s a very fun way to get into more movies if you don’t watch many. and for avid movie watchers, it’s perfect!…it’s a short, brief, but very fun time,” said Case.

The club is low commitment and easy  to join. “Movie club is open to anybody, you can come in anytime you want, and if you want to skip a week that’s fine with us,” said McNamara. “We meet on Wednesdays. We do not meet at a set time, but the meeting dates are posted in our Google Classroom.” 

Worried you may not like the movie being discussed? No worries, everybody in the club has the opportunity to pick a movie they are interested in to discuss. 

“We are going to do a draw out of a hat type thing for who’s gonna actually pick the movie,” said Demerjian.  The club discusses a wide variety of movies from cult-classics to arthouse productions. This year they plan to continue discussing movies that span a range of topics and production styles.

This story is courtesy of the Plymouth Eagle, Plymouth North High School’s student newspaper. To read the complete first issue of the school year, click here.

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