After a long separation, Brewster Gardens and Main Street Extension have been reunited. The much-discussed stairs connecting the park with downtown are officially completed, according to Nick Faiella, Plymouth’s parks and forestry superintendent.

The project – with a price tag of $164,000 – had been talked about for years. Work finally started last fall and was expected to be finished by early February but ended up about two months behind schedule. It did, however, come in on budget.

The old stairs, a portion of which were made out of wood, climbed to the Emond Building at Main Street Extension. They had fallen into disrepair over the years and were closed after becoming a safety hazard. That meant visitors to Brewster Gardens had to hike up Leyden Street to reach downtown, which meant backtracking through the park.

“A few landscape details/touchups may need to occur as the turf grows in, but other than that the project is complete,” Faiella reported on Tuesday.

Just in time for the annual arrival of spring blossoms and tourists.

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