Plymouth North’s school resource officer, Shawn Ireland, has started a new Criminal Justice Club. The club will teach students what it is like to work in the criminal justice system in a fun and interesting way.  

Officer Ireland said, “The club is going to cover police officers, correctional officers, and some court stuff. It’s going to be all about the criminal justice system.”  

According to Officer Ireland, this club is for students interested in this field. It will give them exposure to different types of jobs. Due to expected high interest, juniors and seniors will be given priority in joining the club. 

There are plans to go on field trips to the police department, the courthouse, the sheriff’s department, and the jail. 

“We’re going to do some motor vehicle traffic stops, maybe run some radar, and there’s a thing at the police station where you can do virtual training, so it’s like a scenario, and you get to act out the scenario,” said  Officer Ireland. 

In addition, Officer Ireland is also looking to do a mock trial at the courthouse to give students a real feel for the court system. 

The group SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) will be doing a mock car crash during prom season, and Officer Ireland is looking for the club to help out with that to warn students about the dangers of drunk driving. 

Student Abby Roderick, a senior at Plymouth North, is interested in joining this club. “I want to do something with criminal justice, and I’ve always found it interesting, and it seems like a cool way to learn and get experience in that field,” Roderick said. Roderick is eager to join this club because of the unique field trip opportunities offered. 

Principal Peter Parcellin feels that there has been more interest by students in the last few years in going into a criminal justice career. 

“The fact that we have a school resource officer, who is really invested in our school, is going to give kids a first-line opportunity to see the process in action of what it looks like, and what it would take for them to be a part of it,” said Principal Parcellin. “The opportunity for kids to get to know Officer Ireland and get to know what he does is going to be a real positive for them.” 

For more information about joining this club, feel free to email Officer Ireland or talk to him at school.

This story is courtesy of the Plymouth Eagle, Plymouth North High School’s student newspaper. To read the complete first issue of the school year, click here.

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