1439 Unwanted Guest Arrest(s) Made
Location/Address: [PLY 1044] COURT ST
Refer To Arrest: 24PLY-2643-AR
Address: 85 SUMMER ST Apt. #8C PLYMOUTH, MA
Age: 75
Time Call Reason Action Location/Address
0002 Assist Other Agency Services Rendered SOL JOSEPH RD
0014 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY 3610] WATER ST
0029 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01132] COURT ST
0032 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01234] LONG POND RD
0044 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Transported to Hospital [PLY P04548] WATER ST
0059 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P03260] SAMOSET ST
0106 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P03218] LONG POND RD
0113 Directed Patrol Found Orderly SCHOOL ST
0119 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P04533] SAMOSET ST
0136 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY 451] COURT ST
0207 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02192] SOUTH ST
0209 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P02333] CARVER RD
0216 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01826] HEDGES POND RD
0225 Transfer Other Agency Taken/Referred to Other Agency SAMOSET ST
0230 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01247] MANOMET POINT RD
0237 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01246] STATE RD
0237 General Services Services Rendered STANDISH AVE + SAVERY’S LN
0244 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P03617] STATE RD
0245 Directed Patrol Found Orderly SOUTH RUSSELL ST
0246 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P02035] STATE RD
0255 Directed Patrol Found Orderly VILLAGE GREEN SOUTH
0258 911 Accidental Call Accidental TAYLOR AVE
0259 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P03144] STATE RD
0308 Assist Other Agency Spoken To FRESH POND CIR
0310 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01886] STATE RD
0310 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Spoken To FLORIDA AVE
0313 Disabled MV Services Rendered [PLY P02411] CAMELOT DR
0317 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P01702] PILGRIM HILL RD
0403 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P04143] SOUTH MEADOW RD
0434 Police with Fire Report [PLY 1974] LORING BLVD
0611 Abandoned Call Spoken To LONG DUCK POND RD
0702 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Spoken To PILGRIM TRL
0729 Transfer Other Agency Taken/Referred to Other Agency LITTLE SANDY POND RD
0757 Abandoned Call Accidental COURT ST
0820 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P03491] STATE RD
0821 Community Policing Activity Found Orderly [PLY P00073] ALGONQUIN TER
0827 Directed Patrol Found Orderly STATE RD
0842 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P04704] HEDGES POND RD
0857 Disabled MV No Services Necessary BOURNE RD
0906 Traffic Control Found Orderly OCEAN VIEW AVE + LIBERTY ST
0915 Disturbance General Spoken To COLONIAL TER
0924 Directed Patrol Found Orderly LAKE DR
0931 Police with Fire Services Rendered WAREHAM RD
0945 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY 3739] CLARK RD
0952 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01575] LONG POND RD
1028 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Transported to Hospital [PLY P02179] LONG POND RD
1041 Parking Complaint Spoken To [PLY 3238] BARQUENTINE DR
1047 Assist citizen Assisted Party SUMMER ST
1057 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01975] SAMOSET ST
1102 Found Property Report [PLY P04156] WATER ST
1115 dirtbikes/Atv’s Services Rendered LONG POND RD
1131 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01169] PLEASANT ST
1133 Annoying Phone Calls Services Rendered SHIP POND RD
1136 911 Accidental Call Accidental COURT ST
1152 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P02539] COLONY PL
1211 Building Check Building Checked/Secured [PLY P02815] WARREN AVE
1214 Motor Vehicle Complaint Spoken To TURNBERRY DR
1236 Directed Patrol Found Orderly PATRIOT CIR
1241 Directed Patrol Found Orderly TIDE VIEW PATH
1317 Animal Complaint Spoken To LONG POND RD
1348 911 Accidental Call Accidental [PLY P03701] SEVER ST
1401 Fraud Report [PLY 680] FAIRVIEW LN
1406 Town Bylaws Report HERRING WAY
1417 Unwanted Guest Services Rendered [PLY 964] PLAZA WAY
1422 Traffic Control Services Rendered [PLY P03831] MAIN ST
1424 911 Accidental Call Services Rendered [PLY P01572] OBERY ST
1440 Directed Patrol Found Orderly [PLY P01169] PLEASANT ST
1445 911 Accidental Call Services Rendered LELAND WAY
1537 Alarm Sounding Cancelled Response [PLY 4010] SOUTH MEADOW RD
1558 911 Accidental Call Accidental WELTON DR
1611 Community Policing Activity Found Orderly [PLY P00073] ALGONQUIN TER
1618 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing No Services Necessary MERCHANTS ROW
1829 Directed Patrol Building Checked/Secured PLEASANT ST
1840 Directed Patrol Building Checked/Secured SOUTH RUSSELL ST
1858 911 Accidental Call Accidental [PLY P01572] OBERY ST
2030 Medical/Mental/Wellbeing Spoken To LEYDEN ST + SANDWICH ST
2034 911 Accidental Call Accidental [PLY 2567] CARVER RD
2042 Suspicious Activity No Services Necessary [PLY P03094] COURT ST
2109 911 Accidental Call Accidental [PLY P01572] OBERY ST
2121 Community Policing Activity Found Orderly [PLY P00073] ALGONQUIN TER
2134 Explosives Unfounded [PLY 3213] RYAN’S WAY
2137 Assault Report [PLY P03075] COURT ST
2230 Disturbance General Report [PLY P04488] WATER ST
2235 Motor Vehicle Accident Spoken To WESTERLY RD + SAMOSET ST
2247 Gunshots Unfounded BIRCH ST
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