The howling winds of Monday’s storm, which began raging in the early morning hours and continued into the afternoon, wreaked some havoc around town and made driving tricky, but Plymouth appeared to be largely spared the destruction that the powerful system caused in other parts of New England. Two deaths were reported, including one in Hanover.

In addition to downed trees, blown furniture, and some property damage, there were a fair number of power outages across town. As of late Monday afternoon, a Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency map showed 5,336 local customers without power, or about 16 percent of the town.

As of 6 p.m. Monday, the town had responded to more than 75 storm-related calls, said Town Manager Derek Brindisi.

The National Weather Service reported wind speeds of 60 miles per hour in Plymouth, though they felt stronger at times. At the Blue Hill Observatory Science Center in Milton, a gust reached 90 miles per hour late in the morning, setting a record. 

Photographer Jim Curran braved the conditions to capture these images in the downtown area that were dominated by the almost art installation-like scene of green mesh being pulled off scaffolding at the Spire Center, which is undergoing restoration.

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