The sad and sudden demise of Malcolm MacGregor made me remember his friendship and wisdom. Malcolm was my advisor and co-worker in Plymouth’s planning politics during the past decade. When he was chair of the Planning Board, Malcolm drove me around Plymouth and showed me sites for potential developments. He promoted Plymouth Village Development plan, especially in Manomet and Cedarville, and I followed his instructions and ideas. We planned a mixed-use residential/commercial project at Manomet Point Road, that unfortunately did not materialize, so that site is still environmentally destructive.

Malcolm was instrumental in creating Plymouth environmental study that established the need for the town’s protection and predicted the imminent demise of 669 properties from coastal flooding and beach erosion. He criticized the current policy of the so-called “managed retreat” from the advancing ocean and predicted that retreat will soon be “un-managed.” Malcolm advised me on several conceptual projects including Ten Minute Village, the Entergy land development and Elevated City, which I subsequently developed and submitted to Plymouth planning and select boards.

I must express my deep gratitude to late Malcolm MacGregor and my profound sorrow to his family.

Anatol Zukerman

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