You certainly nailed it with your latest story on the lack of restrooms in downtown Plymouth. Forty years ago I’d meet with friends to go running from the Tedeschi’s parking lot by the old courthouse and we didn’t want to use that bathroom back then, and it only got worse over time.

It’s a shame when so many tourists come to town to visit, watch a parade or run a road race and there’s nowhere to go. My wife has come up against this many times when she would take our kids downtown, and now our grandchildren. She’d be begging a store owner to let the kids use their bathroom. 

And I appreciate the vision that AnneMarie Winchester of South Shore Race management has, but to put on a race with over 1,000 runners and not have any port-a-johns is a disgrace. That isn’t helping matters either.

I’ve said to my kids that almost everything is better now than it was fifty years ago, except public access to bathrooms in Plymouth…and air travel. 

Keep up the great work. I’m loving the stories being presented every day. I knew there was a lot going on, but nobody was bringing it to light. 

Bill Lapsley

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