I just got my library card and, as a new Plymouth resident, immediately checked out books on Plymouth history. Reading them, I suddenly wondered: Couldn’t we call the people at our borders seeking entry “pilgrims” instead of “immigrants”?  I looked up the meaning of “pilgrim” and it seemed to mean someone on a journey to a sacred site.

So, I answered myself, no.

But this morning, I woke up thinking: Yes! Many immigrants are on a journey to the sacred site that America has become for them. A place of refuge from persecution and violence; a place of safety where they can build a life of dignity in freedom.

Some portray immigrants as hordes of no-good criminals and rapists bent on flooding into our land and taking away from us what is ours. 

I think that ”pilgrims on a sacred journey” is a truer way to visualize them. 

By the way, the Plymouth library is a huge treasure.

Gena Corea

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