A Georgia man faces human trafficking charges after two women said the semi-trailer truck driver assaulted them at the Colony Place shopping plaza on Saturday.

Plymouth Police said Akeem Shabazz, 27, of Dakula, Georgia, fled the scene in his truck before being pulled over.

The women, ages 19 and 20, told police Shabazz picked them up in an unnamed southern state a week or two ago. Police said the women were “threatened” and “assaulted” as he made his rounds and ended up in Plymouth. Shabazz confiscated their cellphones “and would not let them call anyone,” they said.

Plymouth Police spokesman Jason Higgins said the women were able to get away from Shabazz and use a phone inside one of the shops at Colony Place to call for help.

After hearing their accounts, police determined that Shabazz “was involved with human trafficking.” They also found out he was wanted on a rape charge in Georgia.

Shabazz was charged with two counts of trafficking a person for sexual servitude, two counts of assault and battery, two counts of larceny over $1,200, witness intimidation, and with being a fugitive from justice.

The alleged victims were taken to Family and Community Resources, a nonprofit that specializes in helping victims of human trafficking.

“We’re so happy that our officers were able to get to these two victims in time,” Higgins said. “We are glad that we were able to make them safe…and we’re glad we got this guy off the streets.”

Police are continuing to investigate the case.

Mark Pothier can be reached at mark@plymouthindependent.org.

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