If you’re on the waterfront or Main Street Extension after dark, it’s hard to miss the welcoming glow of the holiday lights display that’s turned part of Brewster Gardens into a wonderland this month.

The display, called Light the Night, is the bright idea of Christine de la Torre, owner of Sprezzatura Boutique at 1 Main St. It will illuminate the park through New Year’s Eve, from 5 to 9 p.m. daily.

Last year’s display was modest, but thanks to about a dozen sponsors,  and the support of merchants in the Plymouth Downtown Waterfront District, the wattage was upped dramatically for this holiday season.

“We have a really great lighting company, too,” de la Torre said.

The goal, she said, is to eventually extend the free display along the path all the way to the grist mill at the other end of the park.

“Wouldn’t that be cool?” she said.

Yes, indeed.

(Photos by Wes Ennis)

Mark Pothier can be reached at mark@plymouthindependent.org.

A family takes in the Light the Night display from the Brewster Gardens footbridge on Saturday. Credit: (Photo by Wes Ennis)

Video by Christopher Harting

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