Last March, the Plymouth Independent was just a gleam in the eye of its volunteer founders.

Fingers crossed, we declared our intention to create a nonprofit news website committed to journalism that would promote transparency and community engagement and hold the powerful accountable.

“Local journalism that matters has all but vanished,’’ we wrote of our plans on our newly created website.

Local journalism that matters is back.

And that’s all thanks to you, our readers. Months before we began publishing on Thanksgiving week, hundreds of people donated, enough to fund positions for a seasoned editor, two experienced staff reporters and several talented freelancers.

Since we launched, we’ve already had a noticeable impact. And with that, we’ve been inundated with scores of tips pointing us toward much more reporting that needs to be done.

Already, we have received tax-deductible contributions from more than 800 people, many of whom have committed to make monthly donations. And more than 97,000 unique visitors have already been on the PI website with over 354,000 page views.

But it is apparent from the response we’ve received, and the flood of news tips, that we need to increase our commitment to Plymouth journalism.

If you care about Plymouth’s future, please make a donation if you haven’t already. If you do so, it will be matched dollar for dollar by a supporter who has pledged to match all donations up to $50,000.

With your help, we look forward to a Plymouth where citizens are well-informed and local officials and institutions are subject to public scrutiny. The health of our shared democracy demands no less.

The Plymouth Independent Board of Directors.

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